Smart World Gems Sector 89 Gurgaon: Hot spots in real estate

While Gurgaon City as a whole, has been an emerging market in the real estate sector, there have been emerging locations in the city, which has been showing promises of growth and development, like the Sohna Road and the Dwarka Expressway. From easy commutes through highways, and railway networks to proximity to commercial offices and affordable housing options like Smart World Gems Sector 89 Gurgaon which play a key role when it comes to choosing a home.

When we talk about a lucrative location to settle, we normally take into consideration just how good the infrastructure, growing corporate presence, and overall becoming a lucrative destination for investors and new homebuyers looking to purchase or rent housing units in Smart World Gems Low Rise Apartments. In the context of the 8-lane Dwarka Expressway, it is being dubbed as the next big thing in real estate establishment as not just the infrastructure around the highway has been progressing but also building premium residential projects like Smart World Gems Gurgaon, retail shops, entertainment hubs, healthcare sector, etc which is likely to elevate the living standards in this area. Let us understand in further detail how Dwarka Expressway is the future in the real estate segment.

One Stop Destination

Dwarka Expressway is being built as not just an expansive highway for connecting cities but also as a hub for all the establishments that will be built around it. From schools, and offices to luxury homes like Smart World Gems Low Rise Floors. All the major destinations will be in proximity to each other and will also be close to the expanding rapid metro. Making travel and work-life balance easier and manageable.

Improving accessibility and connectivity

While we are all aware of the grand scale level, this highway is being built on, its potential to improve connectivity to Delhi, Manesar, and even Jaipur is unparalleled. With its wide dimension and 8 lane offering, it will reduce the traffic congestion and make the traveling to other parts of the city much shorter than it has ever been. But this highway becoming the major transportation hub, will also mean reducing congestion towards IGI which will massively slow down the traffic around that part of the area.

Alignment with Smart Project City

Gurgaon simultaneously has been working on its ambitious project of building India’s first smart city in the vicinity. 1000 acres project which will be built right next to the Dwarka Expressway, and may even see these 2 projects coming together and forming an International standard of living in the city with the grand infrastructure growth, premium housing projects like Smart World Gems Sector 89 Gurgaon and other exciting projects which will enhance the lifestyle in Gurgaon and build a long-lasting sustainable ecosystem within the city. Such advancements also make it an attractive destination for investors across the globe.

The infrastructure around the Dwarka Expressway, will not only shape the commuting and real estate market in the city but will also pave the way for the country, ‘s infrastructure growth in general. The Haryana government along with real estate developers like Smart World Gems have been working on building world-class infrastructure and completing projects that will shape the country’s economy.


Dwarka Expressway is on the path to becoming one of the biggest hubs in the real estate segment which will transform the living standards in the city, through its sustainable development and bring all the sectors like corporate, education, and healthcare in proximity to reduce congestion and help elevate the quality of life.

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